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Tatyana went for a visit with her old friend Jay Fidell from ThinkTech Hawaii for a chat about Kokua Sun Care and the wonderful world of sun care. They coverted topics from how Kokua got its start, the new sunscreen law in Hawaii and everything in between. A big mahalo to Jay for having Tatyana on and being an all round wonderful guy to have a conversation with. . .(read more)

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Robin Van Niekerk
Cascara and Suncare? Kōkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen with KonaRed® Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract

The same KonaRed® Hawaiian coffee fruit extract found in our Hawaiian Cascara Juice is also a superfood for the skin! Kōkua Sun Care uses this bright red super fruit extract in its reef safe Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen because it is a potent source of natural antioxidants due to its extremely high concentrations of polyphenols. The extract is made from the fruit of Kona coffee plants grown in the rich volcanic soil of Hawaii coffee farms.. .

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Robin Van Niekerk
Kōkua Sun Care is the Official Sunscreen of the North Shore Swim Series 2018!

The North Shore Swim Series is fun and expertly organized, and we at Kōkua Sun Care are honored to be the official sunscreen. The race organizers found Kōkua as they were searching for a local Hawaii sunscreen company providing high performance, reef safe, water resistant sunscreen reliable enough for long distance ocean swimming.
We set up at the races and provide free Kōkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50/80 minutes water resistance from big glass pump bottles. We also give sunscreen prizes to the top winners.

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Reverse Skin Aging With Daily Sunscreen Use

Forget expensive anti-aging creams and Botox! We have discovered a study that shows that daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen like Kōkua Sun Care will visibly reverse the signs of aging as a result of sun damage to the skin, in addition to preventing additional sun damage.i

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of daily use of an SPF 30 sunscreen on the face for the improvement of sun damaged skin during a period of one year. The results showed...(read more)

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We have choices for sunscreens, but what makes Kōkua Sun Care stand out from the rest?  

  • 25% Zinc Oxide – A Rare Find
  • Natural and Non-Nano yet Smooth & Clear Application
  • Rich Antioxidant Ingredients, including 7 Hawaiian Ones!
  • Reef-Friendly and Safe for Marine Life
  • Not DIY or Hand-Made – FDA Compliant in Manufacturing, Testing, and Labeling

1) 25% Zinc Oxide – A Rare Find

Using zinc oxide is one thing, but using 25% non-nano zinc oxide is another.  Kōkua Sun Care uses 25% zinc oxide as the only active ingredient. . . (read more)

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Robin Van Niekerk
What Does REEF SAFE Really Mean?

The terms “Reef Safe” or “Reef Friendly” are not regulated by law, so there is no official definition. This means anyone can put it on a label even if the product contains ingredients that are toxic to marine life. “Organic” and “Natural” do not mean non-toxic to marine life either. Don’t be mislead by the labels. Read the ingredients!

The Reef Safe buzz is mostly about oxybenzone, and rightly so! It is an endocrine disruptor and. . .

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