Our Customers

We have a wide range of customers who put our products to the test in Hawaii's most sun-punishing environments, see what they have to say about our product:

I used this amazing product in one of the most grueling ocean races in the world. The 41 mile Molokai Channel World Championship has you sweating but you’re also constantly bombarded with ocean swells that would strip the average sunscreen right off. I used one application and was protected for the entire race.
— Daniel N. - Semi-Pro Paddler/Real Estate Agent from Kailua
As a natural and healthy oriented person, I only use zinc sunscreen, and Kokua Sunscreen is, by far, the best sunscreen I have tried. Smells like nature, feels smoother than any other zinc ones I ever used.
— Helena S. - Entrepeneur from Croatia Living in Texas
This is the best zinc, natural, reef safe sunscreen I have ever used!! I love it! Kokua Sun Care sunscreen applies very smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t clump or cake-on like the other zinc sunscreens I used. I noticed that it absorbs well. My previous sunscreens would come off in the water even after 10-15 minutes of waiting after application which meant having to reapply frequently. I also love that my skin doesn’t feel dry afterwards. I appreciate the locally sourced and inspired ingredients and love that the ingredients are safe for children!! I have tried many different types of natural/zinc sunscreen as a surfer and beach goer and this sunscreen is the best! Try Kokua Sun Care and you will never go back!!
— Sunny K. - Surfer/Business Owner/Mother from Honolulu
Love this sunscreen!!! I feel like I am feeding my skin, while protecting it. So excited finally to see such a quality product on the market. It smells wonderful too!
— Amy M. - Nurse/Mother from Hawaii Kai