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High Performance Zinc Sunscreen

High Performance Natural Zinc Sunscreen

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Hawai'i-Grown Antioxidant Ingredients

For Beach, Sport, Baby, and Daily Use

Gentle Reef Safe Formula that Doesn't Sting Eyes

High Percentage of Non Nano Zinc Oxide – SPF 50 (25%) and SPF 30 (18%)

Goes on Easy + Clear with Hghest level Possible of Water Resistance

No Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance, or other toxic chemicals

All Vegan Formulas Formulated with Naturally Derived Ingredients

Kokua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen ushers in a new era of REEF SAFE, water-resistant zinc sunscreen. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and stinging eyes! This innovative formula offers smooth, clear application and broad-spectrum protection using the highest percentage of non-nano zinc oxide available as its sole active ingredient. It deeply nourishes the skin with an impressive array of 23 antioxidants, many of which are sourced directly from Hawaii. Professionally formulated to glide on like a moisturizing lotion, our sunscreen is light enough for daily use, while providing superior water resistance that endures through sweat and ocean waves. Experience ultimate protection from the sun's harshest rays with Kokua Sun Care's revolutionary zinc sunscreen.

Hawaiian Superfood for Your Skin

Expect More From Your Sunscreen

Redefining Sun Protection with Sustainability and Luxury

The Cure for Sun Damaged Skin

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Natural - Organic - Simple

Hawaii Grown Ingredients

Learn More About our ingredients

Natural - Organic - Simple

Hawaii Grown Ingredients

Learn More About our ingredients

Reef Safe & Human Safe

The world’s coral reefs are in danger of extinction! We at Kokua Sun Care are committed to contributing to coral reef conservation efforts.  You can feel good about using our 50 SPF/80 minute water resistant premium formula because it has absolutely no harmful chemicals that are toxic to coral reefs or humans, i.e., no chemical sunscreens at all, like oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, or avobenzone, and no chemical fragrances with phthalates, or harsh preservatives like parabens.  We adhere to the strictest guidelines and are not only reef safe, but marine-safe.  We don't have any of The Thirty Chemicals Found in Sunscreens and Cosmetics That Are Toxic to Marine Life .

Why Hawaiian ingredients?

Our Hawaii-grown ingredients come from some of the richest volcanic soil on the planet and have maximum nutrient density adding to their antioxidant power.  These plants have braved the strong oxidizing rays of the tropical Hawaiian sun and have developed powerful antioxidants to protect themselves, which we can use to protect our skin, too.  Our 7 Hawaiian ingredients are exceptionally rich in antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause DNA damage to our skin.

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