Really Reef Safe, High Performace Sun Protection

Gentle Biodegradable Reef Safe Formula that Goes Above and Beyond


Hawai'i-Grown Antioxidant Ingredients

For Beach, Sport, Baby, and Daily Use

No Eye Sting

High Percentage Non Nano Zinc Oxide – SPF 50 (25%) and SPF 30 (18%)

FDA Highest Level of Water Resistance - 80 Minutes

Goes on Easy and Clear - Feels Good - Stays On

No Toxic Chemicals

Vegan Formulas with Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Made Using Renewable Energy

Luxury + quality + performance
Expect More From Your Sunscreen

Kōkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50 and SPF 30 are the revolution in REEF SAFE water resistant zinc sunscreen. No toxic chemicals and no eye sting! They rub in clear andsmooth with high performance broad spectrum protection using high percentages of non-nano zinc oxide as the only active ingredient, while deeply nourishing the skin with rich antioxidants sourced from Hawaii.

Professionally formulated to go on like a moisturizing lotion and light enough for everyday use. The SPF 50 with 25% non-nano zinc and its superior water resistance also stays on through sweat and swells and protects you from the harshest UVA and UVB rays. The SPF 30 tinted with 18% non-nano zinc is your go-to daily hydrating sunscreen that offers high performance broad spectrum protection.

Redefining Sun Protection
Comitted to Sustainability and Quality

Every aspect of our Kokua Sun Care SPF30 Tinted, from ingredient sourcing to manufacturing and shipping, is designed with environmental responsibility and product excellence in mind. Our investment in creating a superior product is a testament to our mission of offering unparalleled sun protection that stands out in a sea of lesser alternatives. Carbon negative bio-resin packaging coupled with 100% carbon neutral production with a fully naturally derived vegan formula means we care. Thats Kokua in action!

Choose Kokua Sun Care, and experience the difference that comes from a brand that prioritizes the well-being of both your skin and the environment. Discover a new standard in sun care where sustainability, luxury, and efficacy harmoniously converge.

HA + Vitamin C + Aloe Vera
The Cure for Sun Damaged Skin

Discover the transformative power of our Hydrating After Sun Serum, a versatile skincare solution that harnesses the best of nature to soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin. Crafted with potent Hawaii-grown botanicals and an array of high-quality active ingredients, this 100% plant-based serum is perfect for use day or night.

Experience instant relief for dry, irritated, or sunburned skin with our soothing and hydrating formula. Designed to double as a daily moisturizer, makeup primer, or aftersun treatment, our serum caters to all your skincare needs. Our serum can cure even the worst sunburns!

the meaning of


Kokua means “help.” It’s deeper meaning, however, is to extend help to others in a sacrificial way. It means to cooperate and pitch in without regard for self and to have consideration for others. The word kokua may also be used to refer to a person who helps or a caregiver.
Kokua can be both a verb and a noun. You can both be a kokua and practice it. You can be a kokua by doing things that are considerate and helpful, particularly to another person. There are many opportunities to give kokua, and you will find when you offer it, it is often given back to you. Kokua is a concept that you can take with you wherever you go, during your stay in Hawaii and when you leave.

Expect More
From Your Sunscreen

Goes on clear & No Eye Sting

100% Bio Resin Sugarcane Tubes

Our bioresin tubes are free of any petroleum ingredients. The growing of the sugarcane sequesters more CO2 from the air than it takes to produce them, resulting in a package that is carbon negative!

100% Recyclable Packaging

From our glass tubes to our Bio-Resin sugarcane, all our packaging is completely recyclabes. Even the caps! Our glass bottles and sunscreen pump bottles even have a unique rock based label made from limestone that uses not trees, no water and has a dramatically lower carbon footprint than tradtional labels.

Kokua Means We Care

Kokua donates to local Hawaii charities across the state and participates in beach cleanups in Hawaii and beyond. We give back with monetary donations as well as donating sunscreen to charities around the United States. We give back by supporting non-profits and programs that benefit the beautiful environment and unique nature found in Hawaii.

100% Carbon Neutral Production

All of our products are manufactured in a 100% renewable energy powered facility. Our manufacturing facility is FDA certified, GMP certified and adheres to the strictest standards in the nation. High-end lotions like ours demand consistency, and that is what we deliver in every tube or bottle we produce.

Naturally Derived High Quality Ingredients

We source only the highest quality naturally derived ingredients and avoid Petroleum- based ingredients. All our formulas are Reef Safe, Vegan and contain only the highest quality active ingredients. We use the highest quality Zinc Oxide in the world from Australia because we know the Chinese Zinc is 4x cheaper but also full of heavy metal contamination. We use a non-nano, micronized zinc particle that has the highest purity and is tested to be free of heavy metal contamination.

Really Reef Safe

Other brands say they are reef safe and still use toxic ingredients. Even Phenoxyethanol is harmful to the reef but many of our competitors still use it. We don't use any chemical sunscreens (UV Absorbers) and all our formulas are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol and over 40 ingredients identified to harm coral and marine life. Most importantly they are safe for you and even the most sensitive skin (Baby Safe).