Kōkua Gift Pack - 4 Sun Care Products in 1 Stylish Gift Bag

Kōkua Gift Pack - 4 Sun Care Products in 1 Stylish Gift Bag

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All our best-selling products in in one place for a great price.

This package includes the following items in a canvas gift bag.

  • 3 oz SPF 50 Beach/Sport/Baby Sunscreen
  • 3 oz SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
  • 1 oz SPF 50
  • 2 oz Aftersun Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
  • "Reef Safe" Sticker and Reef Safe Sunscreen Informational Flyer

See Individual product listings for Ingredient Information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Robin B
Great product, terrible customer service

I ordered the 2oz. after sun and tinted spf combo, the four pack gift set with regular spf and tinted (plus a travel size regular spf, more after sun, and a sponge), and one additional 3oz. Tube of tinted spf for my upcoming visit back home to the islands. When it arrived, I was excited to try to the after sun product because of the reviews but found that it actually dried out my skin and I needed to apply moisturizer over it. I also noticed a difference in the color of the product from the 2oz combo pack and the gift bag so I looked at the dates and realized that the after sun I tried was expiring in a couple of months. I then looked at the dates of the rest of the products. Everything except one after sun and the non-tinted spf would be expiring before the summer. The company sent me very old product! I immediately reached out to their owner who promptly responded and kindly offered to ship out new product for the expiring ones. I thanked her and confirmed which products were aging. Ten days went by with no response. Prior to my trip, I reached out again and she said she thought the order went through (I received nothing). She immediately sent out new product, but it is the wrong product (which I told her and still haven’t received a response…again). Instead of receiving two 3 oz. Tinted spf tubes, one 2oz. Tinted spf glass bottle, and one after sun, I am receiving one after sun, one tinted tube and one regular spf. I appreciate that the company is offering to rectify their mistakes, but I also spent over $100 in product and am currently on my visit and there’s no way I’ll be using all this product (which is why I ordered it. I wanted to continue using it throughout the year). I feel like I wasted a lot of money in stocking up and I am disappointed that they’re not replacing what I actually bought.

The spf products work well and are quite water repellent. I bought extra of the tinted because I have darker skin and the regular mineral leaves an awful cast (including the regular spf of Kōkua, though it’s not AS apparent as other companies). The spf spreads well and evenly and is easy to apply to children who are squirming around. It’s good for swimming and sweating and you’ll need a strong soap to get it off at night.

The after sun product is not worth your money. It’s not as hydrating as it’s marketed to be and I wouldn’t trust it to help after a long day in the sun, especially if you’re prone to burning. I used the newer bottle at home for my face at night and that works well enough, but it’s a basic lotion that I wouldn’t buy again. The Coola recovery lotion works VERY well and that’s what I will (now) always pack for my family (they burn, I don’t) on trips.

If you do order, I encourage you to look at the expiration dates when they arrive to ensure that the product you receive is in proper condition. Also, I want to note that I waited to leave a review so that the company could fix their missteps, but as the miscommunication and lack thereof keeps occurring, I feel it’s important for others to know that this issue may also happen for them. It’s very frustrating, especially when their cards in the shipment encourage you to reach out to them. That being said, I will likely reorder the tinted spf again in the future, but I will order it further ahead of my trips to ensure the product is not expiring soon and I will not be ordering the after sun again.

Marie Hough
Great Product, Great Service

I'm very happy with the sunscreen, shipping, and the customer service from Kokua Sun Care. Overall, a great experience

Lauren G.
Best Mineral Sunscreen and After Sun (or any time) Serum

I purchased Kokua Gift Pack as a Mele Kalikimaka gift after using and being impressed with the products myself. I was also pleased with the customer service; I emailed Robin asking that no pricing info be included with order and he responded back right away-what other company does one of the founders interact with customers. Great products, responsibly made, locally sourced and safe for people and planet. Mahalo

Lovely products

Ordered for a trip to Moorea. Smooth and sheer application. Has great staying power in salt water. Forgot to cover a spot and got slightly sunburned there, and the after sun care really took the sting out. No heavy feel. Used to use Hawaiian Tropics, but will happily use Kokua from here on out! Used it the following week for an open water swim in Tennessee. Swam 6 hours straight on a cloudless day without reapplying and did not burn at all. Gave a little extra application to a fresh tattoo, and it didn't irritate and really protected it. Great effective product!

Rachel Werner

Kōkua Gift Pack - 4 Sun Care Products in 1 Stylish Gift Bag

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Don't take our word for it


As a natural and healthy oriented person, I only use zinc sunscreen, and Kokua Sunscreen is, by far, the best sunscreen I have tried. Smells like nature, feels smoother than any other zinc ones I ever used


Austin, TX


I used this amazing product in one of the most grueling ocean races in the world. The 41 mile Molokai Channel World Championship has you sweating but you’re also constantly bombarded with ocean swells that would strip the average sunscreen right off. I used one application and was protected for the entire race

Dan Newbill

Honolulu, HI


This is the best zinc, natural, reef safe sunscreen I have ever used!! I love it! Kokua Sun Care sunscreen applies very smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t clump or cake-on like the other zinc sunscreens I used. I noticed that it absorbs well. My previous sunscreens would come off in the water even after 10-15 minutes of waiting after application which meant having to reapply frequently. I also love that my skin doesn’t feel dry afterwards. I appreciate the locally sourced and inspired ingredients and love that the ingredients are safe for children!! I have tried many different types of natural/zinc sunscreen as a surfer and beach goer and this sunscreen is the best! Try Kokua Sun Care and you will never go back!

Sunny K